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Thursday, November 7, 2002

Against the Machine

Road Rage, Computer Rage, Internet / Web / Net Rage, Desk Rage and the { "rage" } list goes on...I've seen it happen. Just this week. A co-worker types something into an online form and clicks the submit button. The page times out and said person takes to pounding his fist into the keyboard causing the computer to have a nervous breakdown while myself and others stare on in shock. So let me ask you, have you found yourself at some point or another physically attacking your own computer? Could be caused by a number of things; supposedly faulty internet connections, frozen mouse, virus infestations, websites taking too long to load or your browser not being enhanced with the proper plugins which causes the browser to crash etc. These I understand, are only a handful of problems which have seemingly become a stress factor for end-users within the digital sphere.

Admittedly, I too have found myself verbally raging against the machine whenever I encounter some kind of annoyance, but going so far as to punch and kick the daylights out of it is something I've never been inclined/incited to do. Firstly, it's just not in me to lose control and physically attack the computer or slam the mouse on the desk or any such thing or God forbid! killing it with a sledgehammer or other weapon in similar fashion as { Gary Wilke } whom, earlier this year went to jail for taking out his aggression on his daughter's computer with a sledgehammer. Secondly, I know how much I invested in my 'puter and how long it took me to save the money to purchase it while in college, so I'd rather just refrain from any physical abuse and simply preserve this old baby for as long as I can. Besides, I just cannot afford another one right now. Nevertheless, it seems this kind of rage is steadily increasing. This { Ananova } article highlights some of the reasons why people are increasingly being driven to web rage.

How about "road warrior rage," the kind attributed to mobile computers. { Jesse Berst } explains: "You get your new laptop. It's small and sleek. You're in love. You go on your first trip together...and you hate it. The battery lasts about 10 minutes after charging it, the modem fails intermittently and you discover you can't stand the trackpad pointing device." Is this cause for physically abusing the laptop?

"Road rage mentality has made it to the Web. Folks aren’t just releasing their aggressions on the highways, and when your site doesn’t perform to your visitors’ expectations, they’re apt to turn primal and take a whack at their computers" says the the team at { Grokdotcom } who presents { Moments of Simplicity }, where "folks can defuse their web rage by listening to some soothing music and viewing some therapeutic images."

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