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Sunday, September 29, 2002


<TD style="width: 400px; height=200px; border: dashed 1px #dde4c6; background-color: # width="400" height="200"> || Goodnight! It has been a week of distractions.||

||Had the sniffles; a couple of job interviews; light switch in the bathroom wouldn't switch off; computer problems; searching the yellow pages to find a repair technician(affordable) to replace the power supply and fan; and fighting spam.

Good news though--will start a new job this coming Monday; new office, new location in Manhattan's West Village--I'm excited.

Today I decided to install Microsoft fax on the notebook. It took a while to configure as I wasn't sure of the correct port to print to. I was using the modem port then I tried the unknown port I saw listed there and finally, realized that the communications port should have been the one to try in the first place. It worked fine thereafter and I felt pleased.

Still having the sniffles though, but feeling a little better. The constant coughing and sneezing has stopped. Will take another dose of medicine before bed and hope I won't wake up feeling as shaky as I did this morning. I'm off now. Cheers!

(Oh, been noticing and monitoring the very specific queries by one (1) visitor for some time now...) ~hmm~

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