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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Life's Journey

<td style="width: 400px; height: 200px; border: dashed 1px #dde4c6; background-color: # width="400" height=200>|| "Life is a journey." ||

|| I've always liked this quote. We're always in a state of motion. Over time, wherever our lives lead us, we have had to contend with the hundreds of starts and stops, progress and regress, to and fro's like the swing of a pendulum, in our quest to strike some sort of balance; some sort of middle ground.

My experiences have taught me what the quote suggests, that there is never a set destination in life. I once read somewhere that as long as we are alive we are always in the process of becoming and that all our journeys in life are journeys in self-discovery. I agree. No one remains static and unchanging.

I think everu journey we begin or pause, forces us to discover something new about ourselves. I've heard some say that they have learned all they need to learn and others of us say we learn something new each day.

Still, what we do with our knowledge will show in our daily lives, not only by way of where we live or work, but by way of how we live and work--Giving back to those who help us, helping the needy, taking time out to play with a child and hearing that child's laughter, being loyal to our family and friends, expressing love to those who seem undeserving or simply sending them love from afar. This I believe, is what life's journey is all about.||

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